Festival Pulih Podcast by Popbela.com

Pejuah Pulih Podcast by Popbela.com

Here are the figures who will be present in the “Pejuang Pulih” Podcast who are ready to give the Pejuang Pulih inspirational stories, motivations and enthusiasm to recover together!

Featuring: Hana Madness, Ucita Pohan, Laura Lazarus, Raden Prisya, Uma Hapsari, Dena Rachman, Gita Bhebita, Chiki Fawzi

“I’ve never seen my father cry, except because of me. I am the person who most often makes my parents cry in so many bad ways. There were so many lows in my life, where I had no choice but to apologize for the mental state I was in.”

The next strong-willed figure to recover on the Pejuang Pulih Podcast, Hana Madness.

Watch the full interview here:
Hidup Berdampingan dengan Gangguan Kesehatan Mental | Pejuang Pulih: Hana Madness

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