International Visitor Leadership Program supported by the USA Department of State – “Strengthening Mental Health Social Policies in the Post-pandemic Era”

After taking a break from social media for 3 months, I finally got up the courage to come back… It didn’t feel like it was almost 3 weeks that I’ve been in the United States 🇺🇸 as a delegate chosen by the US Embassy and the US Department of State to take part in IVLP (International Visitor Leadership) Program) with themed “Strengthening Mental Health Social Policies in the Post-pandemic Era” which brought me together with government representatives, doctors, psychologists, educators, art therapists, to activists who focus on mental health issues & equality. How as a superpower, the United States also has a lot of homework in realizing equitable & pro-friendly mental health accessibility, especially for marginalized communities and how they continue to strive to make this happen by carrying out cross-disciplinary collaborations.

4 different states I visited from Washington DC, Ohio, Texas to California. Lots of discussions and questions raised; from the issue of homelessness, sexual violence, to substance abuse which of course gives rise to many new insights and understandings…

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