Art Exhibition by Hana Madness at Central Park Mall

MEZZO grand re-opening store at Central Park Mall featuring art exhibition & shoe painting by Hana Madness25-26 May 2019Central Park Mall, Level UG #203

In this project I got a chance to show some of my original paintings in the form of installation at Mezzo newest concept store at Central Park Mall.Beside exhibition, I also did painting on shoe for every shopping customer with a minimum purchase of Rp. 750,000,-

These are my latest works called “Manic Depressive Narcissistic Family”. It consists of 10 members which haven’t got any names yet! They are bold, unequal, solid, intense, confusing, and random! It’s so exhausting and challenging for me to have them for a life time and maybe they feel the same to live inside me. But hey! We’ve accepted each other and there will be no longer fighting… So what?! ✌🏽👻😊✌🏽 Acrylic on canvas, 30 cm for each.

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