Unlimited Podcast featuring Hana Madness representing Indonesia

As I mentioned you on my previous post about my journey visiting Unlimited Festival as one of their international artist delegates representing Indonesia and my involvement in their podcast session. In this episode their Programme Manager Ellie Liddell-Crewe speaks to their three visiting international delegates, Wonyoung Kim from Korea, Estela Lapponi from Brazil and Hana Madness from Indonesia. As always the podcast […]

Limited Edition Merchandise of Hana Madness in collaboration with Smartfren x Sovlo

These two products are limited editions in collaboration between a visual artist Hana Madness x smartfren x Sovlo (a local Indonesian brand). With the spirit of collaboration to create opportunities and open possibilities for local creators and brands, you can support by buying these products through the following link. Unisex T-shirt by Hana MadnessBucket Hat […]

International Artist Delegate – A Journey to Unlimited Festival in London

I still can’t believe this was my 5th time visiting UK  and for the 2nd  time attending Unlimited Festival from 7-11 Sepetember 2022 at the Southbank Centre, London. Still, with a cultural mission-obviously! As a visual artist, seeing and enjoying extraordinary art by disabled artists from various cultural backgrounds, genders, beliefs, disciplines, practices, and their […]

‘Speak Through Art’ Workshop and Talk Show with Hana Madness at Playfest Narasi

Playfest is a yearly event held by Narasi based on the 3C mantra: Content, Collaboration, Community.This year, Playfest come back with offline experience that can emphasizes you in all in one experience that bringing millenials to another level of creativity and imagination. Speak Through Art With Hana Madness In collaboration with Hana Madness the famous […]

Hana Madness Fights for ‘Independence’ for Disabled Artists

Celebrating Independence Independence today has its own meaning for each person. This also initiated the ‘Freedom for Them’ campaign which wanted to review the meaning of independence at the 77th Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day from various figures and perspectives. Read the full article here: Hana Madness’ perspective on Independence Day

Mural Installation at Jakarta Mods Mayday 2022

Music? fashion? scooter riding? Who says we’re only stopping here?The Mods May Day experience will end this year with an art exhibition that embraces modern-contemporary art, with various collaborations from extraordinary artists including@hanamadness x @philipponk It’s a pleasure for me to be involved at Jakarta Mods Mayday 2022 where I collaborated with Philipponk (Jakarta based artist) to […]

Interview with Hana Madness and Rekti Yoewono Presented by IDN Times x Supermusic

In this video, IDN Times x Supermusic invites Hana Madness and Rekti Yoewono to have a short chat about their daily lives, professions, upcoming projects and their participation as judges in “Dare To Be The Next Superstar Season 2”.Hana and Rekti will also give tips for those of you who want to join the competition.Watch […]

The Judges of “Dare To Be The Next Superstar” Season 2 Presented by Supermusic

Hi Superfriends, who are already curious who are the judges for “Dare To Be The Next Superstar” Season 2! For the art category, of course there are Bunga Fatia @bungafatiaHana Madness @hanamadness Oomleo @oomleoPopomangun @popomangun.png Stereoflow @stereoflow_id Meanwhile, for the music category there are Nadia Yustina @nadiayustinaRekti Yoewono @rekti_yoewonoRonald Steven @rsteven Are you ready to be judged […]