Mural Installation at Jakarta Mods Mayday 2022

Music? fashion? scooter riding? Who says we’re only stopping here?The Mods May Day experience will end this year with an art exhibition that embraces modern-contemporary art, with various collaborations from extraordinary artists including@hanamadness x @philipponk It’s a pleasure for me to be involved at Jakarta Mods Mayday 2022 where I collaborated with Philipponk (Jakarta based artist) to […]

The Judges of “Dare To Be The Next Superstar” Season 2 Presented by Supermusic

Hi Superfriends, who are already curious who are the judges for “Dare To Be The Next Superstar” Season 2! For the art category, of course there are Bunga Fatia @bungafatiaHana Madness @hanamadness Oomleo @oomleoPopomangun @popomangun.png Stereoflow @stereoflow_id Meanwhile, for the music category there are Nadia Yustina @nadiayustinaRekti Yoewono @rekti_yoewonoRonald Steven @rsteven Are you ready to be judged […]

T-shirt Merchandise of Hana Madness in Collaboration with Smartfren x KITC

“JUST FREN JUST FINE!” t-shirt by @kitc_ x @hanamadness x @smartfrenworld This time, Hana Madness met with Sinjing KITC to work together! With this new friendship, we made a new product in the form of a t-shirt “Just Fren Just Fine!” Anw, this t-shirt is produced in very limited quantity!!! Here’s the link to get yours Hana Madness x […]

Pro Warriors: Buliding Resilience to Never Quit for the Future Feat Hana Madness

Have you ever thought, do we have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties?How does these #Warriors do it? Stay tuned because these two warriors, @hanamadness and @gerinathaniel, will be explaining how to build resilience to #NeverQuit in the future! Mark the time and date; 11.30 on 28 November 2021! LIVE virtually only at or come and meet us at @mblocspace ✨#IdeaFest#IdeaFest2021#TheFutureofX

Festival Pulih Talk Show Feat Hana Madness by Popbela

This is the first line up for Festival Pulih by!25-27 November 2021Featuring: Dena Rachman, Dini Ardi Wardini, Hana Madness, Clarissa Gunawan, Inez Kristanti This is the person who will share her story at the Festival Pulih on November 27, 2021! Welcome, Hana Madness 💜 Hana Alfikih or Hana Madness is a visual artist known […]

IDEAFEST 2021 ‘Expressing Yourself Through Art’ feat Hana Madness

IDEAFEST welcomes this year’s IdeaTalks speaker, Hana Alfikih, also known as Hana Madness a #warrior of Art! She is an Indonesian visual artist living in Jakarta. @hanamadness grew up in a challenging environment that didn’t encourage artistic growth, and it wasn’t until she was in high school that she discovered that art can be cathartic, allowing her to […]

Partner South East Asia: Arts and Culture Matters feat Hana Madness

As part of the Partner South East Asia: Arts and Culture Matters event, British Council Indonesia will present a session titled ‘Indonesia: Beyond the Art of ‘Nongkrong’ on 23 November 2021. Speakers for the first session: Felencia Hutabarat, Tita Larasati, Linda Hoemar AbidinModerator: Tom Fleming Speakers for the second session: Hana Madness, Sarah Archdeacon, Jack […]

Generasi Pintar Artist Talk feat Hana Madness

Hallo Gens, Generasi Pandu Inklusi Nusantara (PINTAR) will hold the Sekala Niskala exhibition, as part of the Fringe Photography Exhibition | Jakarta International Photo Festival 2021 at the Historia Building, Jakarta Old Town. This exhibition raises the story and existence of vulnerable and marginalized people in Indonesia. We know that the existence of marginal communities […]

Artwork Commission for Tahapan Xpresi BCA

Did you know that Tahapan Xpresi BCA has a variety of designs that you can choose according to your passion??? One of them is the Yellow Alive card which inspired me to make the design in this photo because the theme really matches my Xpresif character. ️ Hurry up! Go to to see the […]