TakeOver Festival in St. Helens

I’m beyond happy to finally annouce that I will be a part of #TakeOverStHelens this November curated by ‘the vacuum cleaner’ & produced by Heart of Glass

Labelled as the suicide capital of England and Wales, St Helens needs some love, some Madlove…” 

Take Over is our annual festival that reimagines public spaces through art projects made with, for and about people in St Helens. This year they’ve invited artist and mental health activist the vacuum cleaner (aka James Leadbitter) to take over a vast empty shop and create a space for art, conversation and care. 

Many of the artists and groups involved have struggled with their own mental health and now create amazing projects that try to help us care for ourselves and others.


-Acclaimed Indonesian artist and activist, Hana Madness who will cover the town in colourful bipolar monsters.
– Perrier Award-winning comedian, Kim Noble will present his attempts to end his loneliness.
– Local artist Hwa Young Jung is having conversations across the town to create a map of all the places in St Helens where you can experience care – from the friendly person working at the chippy to formal mental health support services.
– Writer, artist and part-time superhero Jess Thom A.K.A Touretteshero, whose comedy show Stand Up, Sit Down, Roll Over proves it is possible to be both the most persistent heckler as well as the main act, and will open the festival on Friday November 1st 2019.
It will be open 11am – 6pm, Tuesday – Saturday, at the old Argos store, Unit 2, The Hardshaw Centre, Church Street, St Helens. Everything is free & everyone is welcome. 

See the full line up here.

If I can be honest, this is the best creative safe space I’ve ever been involved with in my life. This building was an ex Argos Store before, but look how they’ve turned it into something like in those pictures! Everyone is welcome and they take care so much of each other.
SUPER DUPER WELL DONE to @ourheartofglass and the gang! @vacuumcleanerart @mary_osborn @designersaschagilmour (and everyone who involved) 

“Into Us”
(Hana Madness & CGL)
Do you still remember with the collaborative project that I did with CGL (Change, Grow, Live) back in August 2019 which is a place to help people with drugs & alcohol addiction?

Together we’ve written something positive about their recovery process on my big characters which were also on display at #Madlove TakeOver St. Helens which has become the suicide capital of the UK.

Besides that collaborative project, I also brought some of my existing paintings to be displayed as part of Madlove TakeOver.

Kitty O’Shea, UK-based artist in front of my paintings.

Me in front of my latest painting called
“The Flower In My Mind, Only In My Mind”
Acrylic on Canvas
100 cm x 100 cm

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