ON & OFF Pressure Mural Project

L Project proudly presents:
“On & Off Pressure”

Curated by Bambang Asrini featuring 10 street artists, including: Anagard, The Popo, Hana Madness, Bujangan Urban, Media Legal, Bunga Fatia, Edi Bonetski, Farhan Siki, Digie Sigit, and Arman Jamparing.

Together, these artists will showcase their art styles on a 150-meter-wide wall at Alam Raya Residential at Tangerang City, Banten on 8-10 November 2021.

Witness their artistic freedom of expression through our social media IG (@lproject.art) and follow us for more updates.

Because I believe that everyone has the right to be free from the chains, stigma, and discrimination. Freedom in celebrating the diversity of human identities as well as forms of communication and self-expression which is not meant to be a barrier but a way to achieve inclusivity.

On-Off Pressure has connected me with 9 artists from different backgrounds and concerns. I’m really happy to be able to reconnect with the street art ecosystem where I had the opportunity to voice my concerns as well as celebrate my identity in the form of artwork. ️


The entire wall that we worked on together.

“Flying Joyfish”
Acrylic on canvas
140 x 170 cm

They are Joyfish, expressive creatures that always fly through my head. In the past they were just teardrops, which over time transformed into colorful and expressive Joyfish (tears of joy). Like myself today, who is constantly trying to grow up and recover, out of black and white into the colorful world.

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