Generasi Pintar Artist Talk feat Hana Madness

Hallo Gens, Generasi Pandu Inklusi Nusantara (PINTAR) will hold the Sekala Niskala exhibition, as part of the Fringe Photography Exhibition | Jakarta International Photo Festival 2021 at the Historia Building, Jakarta Old Town. This exhibition raises the story and existence of vulnerable and marginalized people in Indonesia.

We know that the existence of marginal communities is on the verge of ambiguity, between being and not being. However, in essence they exist and live in the midst of our hustle and bustle. Often their stories are buried by deep-rooted stigma and their voices are snatched away by injustice or others.

Generasi PINTAR believes that the participation of young people can strengthen the narrative to fight discrimination and intolerance.

From a photo, we interpret the story and meaning. Sharing the point of view of vulnerable and marginalized communities by bringing their stories through photos is one way to elevate existence and share perspectives more inclusively.

As part of Sekala Niskala, a Photo Exhibition will bring exhibitors, influencers and visual artists to talk and share their perspectives in Artist Talks: “Bersuara Lewat Foto” (Speak through photos), which will be held on:

Sunday, November 21, 2021
13.00-16.00 WIB
History Café, Old Town, West Jakarta

Jenifer Imanuela
Dena Rachman
Hana Madness
M. Aditya Setiawan

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