Partner South East Asia: Arts and Culture Matters feat Hana Madness

As part of the Partner South East Asia: Arts and Culture Matters event, British Council Indonesia will present a session titled ‘Indonesia: Beyond the Art of ‘Nongkrong’ on 23 November 2021.

Speakers for the first session: Felencia Hutabarat, Tita Larasati, Linda Hoemar Abidin
Moderator: Tom Fleming

Speakers for the second session: Hana Madness, Sarah Archdeacon, Jack Lowe
Moderator: Adam Pushkin

The session will highlight the landscape of the arts, culture, and creative economy sector in Indonesia, by presenting the overview of the sector and insights produced from our recent research in Festivals and Cultural Cities.

Don’t miss a chance to hear the stories about the magic of collaboration, and how the UK and Indonesia can learn from each other during this journey.

Find out how to REGISTER at Partner_SEA

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