Festival Pulih Talk Show Feat Hana Madness by Popbela

This is the first line up for Festival Pulih by Popbela.com!
25-27 November 2021
Featuring: Dena Rachman, Dini Ardi Wardini, Hana Madness, Clarissa Gunawan, Inez Kristanti

This is the person who will share her story at the Festival Pulih on November 27, 2021! Welcome, Hana Madness 💜

Hana Alfikih or Hana Madness is a visual artist known for her work that represents her mental health condition. In 2012 she started voicing mental health issues in various media in Indonesia based on his life experience as a person with mental disability by using art. Now Hana is expanding her work to an international level.

Follow @pejuangpulih and look forward to the Festival Pulih on November 25, 26, and 27 2021. Let’s #RangkulKegagalanRayakanLuka at Festival Pulih 2021 by Popbela.com together!

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