IDEAFEST 2021 ‘Expressing Yourself Through Art’ feat Hana Madness

IDEAFEST welcomes this year’s IdeaTalks speaker, Hana Alfikih, also known as Hana Madness a #warrior of Art! She is an Indonesian visual artist living in Jakarta.

@hanamadness grew up in a challenging environment that didn’t encourage artistic growth, and it wasn’t until she was in high school that she discovered that art can be cathartic, allowing her to preserve her sanity in the face of a psychological crisis.

She was nominated as “Top 10 Most Shinning Young Indonesian Artists” in 2017 by As “1 of 90 Young Indonesians with Inspiring Works and Thoughts” in 2018 by, As a “Millenial Hero” for arts and culture in 2019 by Sindonews. As “10 Women of The Year” in 2019 by Her World Magazine. Also as “11 Inspiring Figures” by Tatler Asia. See, everyone can achieve their dreams if they keep going and facing the Uncertainties to embrace their future.

Search her name on the internet, and you’ll be mesmerised by her! She’s the real example of a #Warrior that #NeverQuit on her passion! A session brought to you by @prowarriors with the most multi-talented artist @hanamadness!

Art lovers, don’t miss out on her session on the 26th of November at Holo channel from 10:00 – 11:00 WIB!

Buy your ticket(s) now at if you haven’t!


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