The Judges of “Dare To Be The Next Superstar” Season 2 Presented by Supermusic

Hi Superfriends, who are already curious who are the judges for “Dare To Be The Next Superstar” Season 2!

For the art category, of course there are
Bunga Fatia @bungafatia
Hana Madness @hanamadness 
Oomleo @oomleo
Popomangun @popomangun.png 
Stereoflow @stereoflow_id

Meanwhile, for the music category there are
Nadia Yustina @nadiayustina
Rekti Yoewono @rekti_yoewono
Ronald Steven @rsteven

Are you ready to be judged by the them?
Just upload your best work in the music or art category now, Superfriends!

For more details kindly visit instagram @supermusic_id or

The submission period is only until February 28, 2022!

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